Monday, 28 April 2014

7 Tips for Accessing File Data Recovery When Other Solutions Fails

MS Office has various tools like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and many more. Among them MS Access is one extremely reliable database management that allow to create data using several components like reports, queries, forms, tables, etc. This database management allows to share or import and export data into varying formats which can be later linked to data to run queries and create reports. Certainly, it is absolutely efficient but it may fail at times, causing operating system or even application to stop responding. These problematic issues damage data stored in .mdb files. To recover from such situations, Access File Data Recovery is absolutely a solution for Access users.


 Consider a state, when you are working in Access comfortably and suddenly find a fatal error in MS Access. In this situation, Access unable to respond properly and you want tool to recover data from Access file:
•    Try Inbuilt Utility
Microsoft provides a tool called inbuilt utility which is a ‘Compact and Repair' utility and open .mdb file. There is no guarantee to restore .mdb files with this utility. Besides, this utility takes long time in fixing .mdb files and does not provide complete solution

•    Import old Database to New Database
Give a try by importing .mdb file to a new database file, take safety measures while using this utility, you should never ever try to import whole matter in a single go, as you won't to be able to identify the problematic objects and unable to repair them as well

• Check whether there is Problem in Application
 It is vital to check that whether the problem is within application or database, for this if you open database on some other system, then you will be able to verify that if another database is opening on system or not.

• Run System on Safe Mode
Memory often cause problems to open database, to check this open the file by running system in Safe Mode

• Remove Temporary Files
 Temporary files need to be removed on the regular basis. With some Cleaner utility, you can easily remove temporary files, unnecessary files and cache files

• Check in Virtual Memory Settings
By checking virtual memory settings of hard drive, you can easily resolve the issue, so just change the virtual settings for hard drive


• Backup Data
Try to use latest backup data and go for Access file data recovery. Majority of the users create backup data on the regular basis, to aid them in crisis.
Use 3rd Party Tool: In any case, the above mentioned fails, do not dismay because outside solutions like using professional data recovery services are still left to be used by you.

Friday, 11 April 2014

How Can You Recover Data from External Hard Drive

Searching "external hard drive recovery" in Google, you will find it's really a hot topic in communities, forums and some companies concerning to data restore service. These days, external hard drive particularly USB based EXT. hard drive is very admired due to its capacity portability,  and low price to increase your computer's storage capacity in order to Recover Data, and to share data between computers. You can easily purchase an EXT. hard drive manufactured by eminent firms like Toshiba, Seagate, Transcend, etc. online or in computer market.

Unfortunately, data stored in external hard disk can be lost, corrupted, unreadable, formatted or caught in other horrible situations. Data loss threats may come from many aspects, such as accidental deletion, formatting, system crash, broken external hard drive, virus attack and so on. Lost matter can be precious photos, videos, projects, designs or vital plans, and contracts involving a big business. Such files do earn million dollars for the party concerned. Don't panic. You can get help from data recovery software or service. There remains a strong possibility to retrieve lost files back from external hard drive, as long as you guard data from being overwritten.
Performing External Hard Drive Data Recovery with DIY Data Recovery Software
No matter whether you are a Mac user or Windows user, you can easily find a data recovery tool that suits for you well. Windows users can try Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery and Mac users can keep Softtote Data Recovery for Mac Software in hands. Mac users can use the following procedures of file recovery in this Mac data recovery which supports Mac OS X10.6 and above.
• Download it for free and launch it. There are three modes, File Recovery, Photo Recovery and Lost Partition Recovery available for you. Let's pick File Recovery for instance.
•  Choose your external hard disk to scan. During this step, you can filter file type and narrow the series by checking the box of "For deleted files".
•  Scanning time directly depends on size of file and disk read speed. And you can guess time by indications of estimated time, elapsed time, read sectors in scanning window.
• Preview and recover files after scanning. All files are categorized by its file type which enables you to preview files before recovery.
•  Select a path to save retrieved files. Please note that retrieved files cannot be saved in the original drive 
 where files are lost in case files are overwritten and damaged. 

Therefore, it's easy to operate such kind of DIY data retrieval software. External hard drive recovery is not as much complex as you think.